Angebot Projektarbeit bei Straumann Research

Apatite formation and stability of simulated body fluids Project work (3 months) 

Link: Projektarbeit bei Straumann Research 2018

Wettability of dental implants is a key surface property heavily influencing osseointegration, i.e. the integration of implants into the surrounding bone tissue. Typically, implants comprising hydrophilic surfaces show faster osseointegration as compared to their hydrophobic counterparts. Therefore, Straumann SLActive® implants are stored in saline solution in order to maintain a clean (in terms of carbon contamination layer) and thus hydrophilic implant surface and consequently SLActive® implants are known to osseointegrate fast and stable.

This project work aims to further investigate salt-based solutions for implant storage and their impact on apatite formation on the implant surface. The goal is to determine the influence of various factors on the stability of the salt solutions and the precipitation properties on the implant surface.

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