14th EXCITE Zurich Summer School on Biomedical Imaging

Scope: The school offers teaching on the basics of biomedical imaging and provides the broader context necessary to understand recent advances and current challenges in the field. Cutting-edge techniques based on a wide range of image-formation mechanisms — including magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, infrared and optical microscopy, electron microscopy, and X-ray imaging — will be discussed focusing on multimodal and multiscale imaging methods and supporting technologies such as computer-aided image analysis and modeling. The school offers optimal learning paths for participants with a background in life sciences and physical sciences. Lectures will be held in the morning and practical sessions in the afternoon. The program will be rounded off with a practical day and an industry day. […]

Sensirion Students TechDay

Der Sensirion Students TechDay geht am 23. Oktober 2019 in die nächste Runde. Der TechDay findet am Sensirion Hauptsitz in Stäfa ZH statt. Die Studierenden stürzen sich gemeinsam mit unseren erfahrenen Spezialisten einen Tag lang in die Welt der Sensorik und meistern die Herausforderung mit ihrer Kreativität und technischem Know-how.

International Physicists’ Tournament at EPFL

Dear Students
On 22-26 April 2019, EPFL will have the honour to host the 11th International Physicists› Tournament (IPT 2019) – the biggest international competition in physics for teams of university students. This event will bring together almost 200 undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and professors and will be a real feast of fascinating experiments, brave theories and spectacular physics fights! If you are a PhD student or professor, you can become a jury member (send an e-mail to evgenii.glushkov -at- epfl.ch) and judge one or several physics fights. Or you can just come and watch the fights, including the Grand Final!For all updates on the IPT2019, please check the official websiteFacebook and Twitter