Talking Science Workshop

Venue: Biopark Rosental, BPR 1060, room 2.14 (2nd floor).
As part of its Equal Opportunity initiative, the NCCR MSE is organising the «Talking Science Workshop” that will be held on December 12 and 13, 2017, at the Biopark Rosental, Basel. The aim of the workshop is to train scientists to communicate their work clearly and effectively. Members of the NCCR MSE have various backgrounds – ranging from biology and chemistry to physics, computer science and engineering. The work in such an interdisciplinary research environment poses additional communication challenges for scientists, but unfortunately, science communication is usually not part of the curriculum. This workshop aims to fill this gap.

We believe that scientists have a responsibility to communicate their work clearly and precisely. Scientists should be aware of misleading simplifications and typical pitfalls, especially when talking to non-experts. In this workshop, we also discuss contemporary problems of popular science communication and provide tools to handle difficult discussions and situations.
Registration: The workshop is limited to max. 12 participants! To register, send an email as soon as possible to Ralf Stutzki: The Registration is free.
You can find more details about the workshop here:

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